Gluten-Free Cheerios

Hey there, Gluten-Free, Mother of Three followers! Welcome to my new site. For those of you who’ve followed me in the past, yes, I have been horrible about keeping my blog up-to-date. The whole gluten-free business and stay-at-home mom thing sort of took its toll on my blog writing. Now that my business is no more, I plan to be disciplined about keeping this blog alive. This new site is still under construction, but what the hey. Let’s get started anyway.

On to Cheerios:

My kiddos were ecstatic when they heard that Gluten Free Cheerios were coming to stores. It was (almost) as if Santa were coming to town. They couldn’t wait. At the first sighting of the yellow Cheerios box in the cereal aisle that read, “Gluten Free,” my son squealed with delight, ran up to the box, and pulled it close to his chest for safe keeping. Naturally, we bought it for him. Why wouldn’t we when our kids could finally taste the very same cereal that has been a staple in American households for decades? It’s the first cereal that most of us give our babies who are eating by themselves for the very first time. Why would we deny this to our kids now that the box so clearly states, “Gluten Free?”

We brought the much-anticipated box of cereal home and two of my three kids had a bowl. My son had two bowls. Why not? “Go for it,” I said.

After a little while, both of my gluten-intolerant/celiac kids developed headaches and slight tummy aches, but none of us were certain if it was from the Cheerios or if they simply didn’t feel well for another reason. Both kids swore it wasn’t the Cheerios (because they knew I would throw the box away if I’d suspected the Cheerios.) I looked at the back of the box and saw the process General Mills uses to separate their grains. That was an “Aha!”moment for me. The grains begin together and are then separated out before Cheerios are produced. That means that wheat, barley and rye grains could and would be touching the oat grains. I was quite suspicious, but I still wasn’t certain if the Cheerios were indeed contaminated.

A couple of days later, I bought a box of Gluten Free Honey Nut Cheerios. (Yes, I’m a dumb-ass.) My kids had a bowl. A little while later, our dog came screeching down the hallway and into the kitchen where I stood. Behind her was my daughter, speeding after her, trying to pick her up by her paws. The dog looked terrified. My daughter looked like she’d lost her mind. (This happens when my daughter has gluten. It usually begins with sickness and then, after a few days, transforms into psychosis. After eating Honey Nut Cheerios, my daughter, in an instant, felt sick, and, as if a switch had clicked on, turned to the dark side where she would not be satisfied unless she tortured our dog in some precarious manner.)

I rescued the dog and sent her to her room.

Next, my son came out of his room complaining that he felt terrible. His tummy hurt and he had a migraine. I asked him to go and lie down. Shortly thereafter, he, too, turned to the dark side. He became angry and violent. He yelled. He threw things. He became obnoxious and unruly. This was no coincidence. I went to the kitchen, grabbed both boxes of Cheerios and promptly tossed them into the garbage.

The next day, while my son was getting dressed, I noticed dermatitis herpetiformis on his rear end. That’s the tell-tale sign nearly every time with him. There it was, red bumps on his ass. He’d definitely had gluten and Cheerios was the only new item we’d introduced into the house for some period of time. I was then convinced.

I went online and searched Gluten Free Cheerios. That’s when I came across Gluten Free Watchdog and learned that I wasn’t alone with suspecting gluten in the gluten free Cheerios. Many other people had had the same issues. If you suspect that Gluten Free Cheerios are making you or your family sick, please don’t do as I did and throw the box away. Save it and send the information to Tricia Thompson at Gluten Free Watchdog. She’s on this.

Thank you for reading! I would love to hear your experiences and comments.


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