Finally: A Stupid-Easy Solution to One of Our Problems


Marsha Delaney: Posted on Wednesday, December 26, 2012 10:40 AM

For those of you who read my blog from time to time, you know that there’s one particular recurring issue that just throws my world into a tailspin: when my son, on his nighttime commando missions, goes to the kitchen in search of anything that might contain any amount of gluten…and finds it because my husband is too stubborn to stop purchasing baguettes and goodies for himself.

Well, it happened again. This time, instead of yelling at my son for eating it and mentioning it to my husband so he can be more careful the next time, I lost it and went into a full-fledged scream fest, aimed directly into my husband’s face. I must have stood there, yelling at him for five minutes straight while he stared wide-eyed at me from his elliptical machine wondering if he should make a break for it before I got up there and pulled his head off with my own two hands.

I just couldn’t believe it’d happened again. How many times did it take for him to stop bringing those things into this house? Didn’t he realize he was poisoning our children and ruining my weeks? I kept saying that, by the way. “My week is ruined! You’ve ruined it! The WHOLE ENTIRE WEEK!” I don’t think he could believe his ears or his eyes. I must have had fire coming out of my head.

When I reached the end of my blowout, I said, “That’s it,” I grabbed my keys, put on my coat and told him that I was going out to buy a lock-box for his crap and if I saw anything outside of this lock-box like bread or crackers, it was going in the garbage.

Off I went in search of some high-tech, expensive lock-box that I knew we couldn’t afford. Much to my surprise, while stomping down an aisle at Home Depot, I happened across cheap, plastic tool boxes that were perfect. They could be secured with a padlock.

Now, when coming into our home, you’ll find a big, black toolbox sitting atop our refrigerator. In it is all of the crap my husband just can’t give up. More importantly, until my son figures out to get they key and unlock it himself on his nighttime commando missions, my children are relatively gluten-safe…and my husband can live another day.


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